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Are you interested in instructional design but confused about how to go about it? IDOL courses are the perfect platform for your needs. We are a creative learning design agency and we aim to help businesses, organizations, and individuals solve some of their problems by providing creative strategies and learning experiences.


However, the first question we should answer is- what is instructional design? To put it simply, instructional design is a system that creates learning experiences and materials. These then help the individual to acquire and apply specific skill sets and knowledge in particular careers.


At IDOL Courses, we help you become an instructional designer who can design and develop a system that benefits the learner holistically. We offer a vast range of programs that will guide you in the process of gaining in-depth knowledge of instructional design. These include several courses, programs, and workbooks.


Courses offered


Let us walk you through some of our popular IDOL Courses programs.


  •     IDOL Courses Academy- This program will help you successfully become a corporate instructional designer. It is spread out over 8 weeks during which you will be taught important lessons including how to build a portfolio from scratch, how to create your job application assets, and so on. Keep in mind that this program is all about bridging the gap between theory and practice. Hence, you will be provided ample opportunity to gain practical experience in instructional design.


  •     Storyline for IDOLs- This is a project-based training course that will teach you the best practices of e-learning. You will even be rewarded with a digital credential at the end of the program. E-learning authoring tools can be tricky to understand but with our comprehensive and affordable programs, you can nail it.


  •     IDOL Resume Writing Guide- If you are someone with adequate experience but are still looking for a comprehensive and concise guideline on resume writing, IDOL Courses is here to offer you just that. These 22 pages of goodness will help you bag that job in instructional design. 


With these courses and many more that we have lined up, you can become a successful instructional designer and e-learning developer. Since we offer a great deal of flexibility, you do not have to quit your current job to take up the courses. You can download our syllabus and brochure to check all the details.


Furthermore, we offer expert guidance in the form of professionals and mentors with years of experience in the field of instructional design. They are here to help build your portfolio, your confidence, and any assets you need for the job application process. 


Why take our courses?


When you subscribe to some of our popular courses you will be provided with personal attention to build your skills and knowledge about the field. This includes learning skills and tools required in instructional design. You will receive expert mentorship and regular feedback on your performance. We will help you build an impressive portfolio for the job world out there.


You will be tested and will also get paid experience. These IDOL Courses programs are a great way of meeting new people with similar interests and networking, which will benefit you in the long run. We have a huge success rate as all our students land a job as instructional designers within 6 months or less.


Success stories


Students who have graduated from IDOLCourses have landed jobs at prestigious and popular companies across the world. This includes some big names like Google, Charter Communications, Amazon, and Uber.


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